‘A little book of content design tweets’ charity fundraiser

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Lizzie Bruce has just published this small volume of collected tweets from content tweeters Dan Deamer, Jack Garfinkel, Dolly Garland, Robert Mills, Lauren Pope, plus a few of her own.

It also includes Content Tweet of the Year and more favourite digital content tweets. Priced at £5, for every copy sold £2.50 will be donated to The Trussell Trust, a UK food banks charity.

Introduction by Lizzie Bruce

”Since 2010 I’ve observed, contributed to and benefited from the wisdom of Content Twitter. A lot gets shared. But tweets can be lost as fast as your feed refreshes – and I believe it’s worth saving many of them from the factory floor for a longer lifespan.

While hashtags can preserve some topic discussions, searching back for that tweet you want to find, or even wrote, can be challenging. Bookmarking, for me, just leads to a huge pile of bookmarks.

So I’ve made a small start, saving the musings of a few friendly content tweeters I’m very happy to be connected with, whose words drew me back to familiar, solid ground – the usefulness of high quality content – while my timeline shattered with the real, human impact of the pandemic which we continue to, disproportionately, experience.

Beginning as a “top tweets” archive, I soon recognised high value in perhaps slightly overlooked tweets – now, it’s a mix of both. I’ve tried to present mainly lesser heard voices, people who may have Twitter as their only platform.

This little volume is self-published with Apple Books and Blurb, channels which in my opinion democratise publishing through affordability. Blurb involves shipping costs for customers, but respects the environment with its print-on-demand service design. I hope others may feel inspired to publish – to preserve and share tweets, share wider thoughts and theories on content, or write on totally different topics they have passion for.

50 per cent of book sales will be donated to The Trussell Trust. I first supported them in 2015 with an independently organised, 140-mile sponsored cycle ride coast to coast across the UK, on a shopping bike. Back then I was so shocked to hear about food banks, and it energised me to do something big about it. Now I tiredly, yet still fervently, hope their mission for a UK without the need for food banks becomes a reality soon.”

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