Free content uplift suggestions for charities and not-for-profits

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After conversations on both sides, I’m aiming to unite organisations with low budgets with #ContentDesigners and consultants for one-off, bespoke content work for use in talks, portfolios, courses and workshops.

What’s involved

1. Think about whether you’re happy for your live public website content to be used as a springboard for demonstration of applying good practice content uplift:

  • in courses, workshops and conferences
  • by content designers, UX writers and UX designers wishing to expand their portfolio

2. If you agree to these use cases, please complete the Google form:

What happens next

In exchange, those using your content should send a copy of the results to the email you provide. (This is a good faith arrangement: the sign-up form and list creator, Lizzie at Cake Content Consultancy, cannot totally ensure this will happen.)

This list will be published on Email at any point to have your organisation removed.