Content reviews

Make sure your site is free from typos, style inconsistencies, duplications, links to deleted pages and out of date content with a site content review.

Accurate, up-to-date content

People ask how we can tell if content isn’t accurate when we’re content specialists, not subject matter experts?

But it usually gives itself away very obviously! As well as grammar imperfections and best practice failings, we’ve come across references to prime ministers who’re no longer in post and promotion of events that took place in a different decade.

Anything doubtful gets flagged up in our review, which is colour-coded for level of urgency.

Web best practice recommendations

We’ll make recommendations for content improvements, like applying best practice where it’s lacking. This could be re-writing a page with sub-headers and bullet points to make it more scannable. Or it could be suggesting accessibility edits – for example, avoiding the ampersand symbol.


Which pages aren’t getting any hits at all? Is this because the content isn’t of interest, or because users can’t find the right page. Our site review can look into this too.

Quality assurance before launch

You can also book in a content review before your new website goes live. Our lead content editor will make sure no rouge typo or placeholder copy goes live, house style is followed, navigation labels match page titles and your content has a consistent feel throughout.

Contact us to ask about or book in a site content review.