Content reviews

We’ve been creating and updating content for 17 years. We review content against digital user-centred design best practice and WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards. This includes using clear, concise language. Use our report to make immediate quick wins, and to help assess how much time and attention your organisation needs to give to content design going forward.

Content review reports are  also useful for showing stakeholders how content changes can improve the overall user experience of your digital products.

The details

Our content report would review up to 100 pages of your website, highlighting specific content issues as well as themes for improvement, and providing strategic advice.

Reports cover:

1. Style inconsistencies
2. Typos, placeholder copy left in
3. Clearly out of date content
4. Duplicated content
5. Broken external and internal links
6. Potentially confusing content
7. Accessibility improvements, WCAG 2.1
8. Clear language recommendations
9. Content pattern suggestions

When to get a content report

An external review of and report on your digital content is a good idea at any time. But you may particularly want quality assurance before launching a new website, service or digital product. Or, perhaps you’re new to a content management role and are tackling a site that’s had a publish and forget policy for years.

To discuss our content reviews contact us. We also offer full service content reviews.

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