Content reports

Is your website content working well?
We’ve been creating best practice, user-centred, goals-orientated content for 16 years. We’d love to produce a report on your website content, highlighting:

  • content issues and areas for improvement
  • easy fixes plus strategic advice

You can also ask us for an end to end service experience report, to look at content across a whole on- and offline customer journey.

Website content report checklist

Use our report to help assess how much content design you need. Or to show stakeholders how content can improve the user experience of your website.


1. Style inconsistencies, typos, placeholder copy left in
2. Duplicated content
3. Broken external and internal links
4. Clearly out of date content
5. Confusing content


6. Accessibility improvements
7. Plain English recommendations
8. Content pattern suggestions

Best time to get a content report

An external review of and report on your web content is a good idea at any time.

Specifically, you may want quality assurance before launch. Or perhaps you’re tackling a site that’s had a publish and forget policy for years?

Contact us to discuss website content reports.

Whole service content report checklist

Your online content is part of a wider user experience of your service and brand.

We can review your customer touch points across all channels, from leaflet to letter, text notification to terms and conditions to Twitter.

Our report will include:

  • log of all the content touch points in your service
  • assessment of how those fit with your brand and its tone
  • comment on how accessible the content is
  • pain points for customers

A beautifully toned, on-brand order confirmation email can be let down by a no-reply address, with no contact information given in the email.

Add a whole service content report to your requirements if you’d like a thorough investigation of how content operates through your service.

Best time to get a whole service content report

Again, any time is good to get a professional outside feedback on your service content.

However, if you have committed a large budget to develop a particular service, or if you’re about to launch a marketing campaign, and are still able to make tweaks across the channels, that would be a particularly good time to get an external report.

Demonstrating to your team

Website content reports and whole service reports are usually carried out remotely, but we can come in to your offices to demonstrate to your editorial team how we do it.

We know what to look for based on our expertise, but we can certainly let them see us in action, and give pointers on how to learn what to look out for.


Contact us to discuss content and service reports.