For usability and accessibility reasons we do not recommend having a huge amount of images on your website. But a few well chosen ones can subtly support your content and brand.

Imagery, as well as blank space on the page, gives users’ eyes a break from text and, if not too stimulating, can reduce cognitive load. We can help you find creative, engaging images, and advise you on alternative text for any non-decorative images.

Bespoke photography

We’ll recommend an affordable professional photographer at a reasonable rate for bespoke, unique photography.

Image sourcing

We’ll source Creative Commons copyright-free images and paid-for stock photography images, for example from Unsplash, Pixabay, Shutterstock and Getty Images. This includes writing alternative text for any non-decorative images.

Organisation of image libraries

We can organise and tag images in your CMS so they’re easy to find. Our editors have extensive experience of content management systems, including Sitecore, CQ5, Drupal and WordPress.

We’ll also audit your alt text descriptions and provide alt text suggestions for any non-decorative images.

Case study: Great Western Railway

We reviewed website images as part of the award winning digital redesign and rebrand by ORM London. To meet the strategy of encouraging users to consider leisure travel by train, there was a need for good quality imagery.

So we:

  • created the image requirements brief for a photographer
  • oversaw the photoshoot
  • shortlisted images and reviewed with the design director
  • applied a logical naming convention for back end identification in the CMS
  • wrote alt text for non-decorative images

Example image

This lost property image is eye-catching and emotionally engaging. The heritage branding of the bench underlines the company rebrand’s nod to the golden age of rail travel.



If you’re interested in our image sourcing service, contact us.