Pair writing a content item

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Learn techniques for successful pair writing:

  • how to approach pair writing and co-design
  • pair writing with subject expert, service designer, technical team member, another content person
  • tips for defending usability in tricky situations
  • resources to support you

8 units plus a short end of lesson test15 to 30 minutes.

Study online, and save your progress.

What You'll Learn

  • 1 What is pair writing?
  • 2 Pair writing with subject experts
  • 3 Pair writing with subject experts – continued
  • 4 Tips for pair writing with subject experts
  • 5 Pair writing with service designers
  • 6 Pair writing with technical architects and developers
  • 7 Pair writing with other content designers, including crits
  • 8 Pair writing resources
  • 9 Pair writing a content item test
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