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Content planner training session. Learn how to set up a digital content planning calendar and schedule content in advance.

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We are adapting this course to be held remotely while coronavirus restrictions are in place.

We’ll show you how to set up a digital content planning calendar, to use for refreshing your site content, news and social feeds. You’ll add key dates for your organisation, like upcoming events and announcements. We’ll look at gaps and how to plan contingency content.

Topical content

We add in external occasions and events relevant to your audience – be this Christmas or World Animal Day. We then look at how content on your website and social media channels could support these.

Be prepared

We add in lead in content prep times, so if you’re in gifts retail, you’ll know when to start marketing Mothers’ Day products and you’ll be prepared in advance.

You can plan and write content in advance, even scheduling in tweets and Facebook posts where appropriate.

Content maintenance reviews

Regular content reviews help you make sure your content stays relevant, up to date and accurate.

You can use your calendar to plan ‘static’ site content maintenance, marking up which pages will be reviewed when to. This allows you to avoid the busiest times of year, when reviewing a low level page would be ignored in order to create an multi-channels news item.

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