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Created by Lizzie Bruce who combines a user-centred content career with teaching experience.

User-centred design overview

User-centred design: an introduction £4
Glossary of user-centred design £1
Digital transformation in context £4
What is iterative design? £4
Design out bias £0

Agile working

Defining shared project vocabulary £4
Why multi-disciplinary teamwork works £2

User research

20+ user research techniques £0

Content design and writing for digital

Content design pathway course: 10 modules £35 🎂

Modules included:
Content usability basics £4
User needs: meaning, and design purpose £4
Clear language basics £4
Task-based content £4
What is readability? £0
Writing for web: an introduction £4
Content design: an introduction £4
Content accessibility: an introduction £4
Content inclusivity: an introduction £4
Content findability £2

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Agile working:
Content in Discovery, Alpha, Beta, Live.
Ceremonies: from sprint planning to retros.
Agile terms translator

User research:
Rapid prototyping.
Basics of inclusive, ethical user research.
User research analysis.
User journey mapping.
Language research.
Card-sorting to inform content decisions.
Using page analytics for user research.

Information design
UX and tech writing, graphic, interaction, service and UX design: overviews
Accessible fonts.
WCAG (World Content Accessibility Guidelines): an introduction

Content design techniques
Content structures: shapes, channels, formats, long-form pages.
Content crits and peer reviews
Finding the appropriate tone.
Content patterns and consistency.
Design flows and prototyping.
Understanding service use: blueprints and multi-channel paths.
Using source content and research findings, identifying gaps.
Coding for content designers: HTML and javascript.

Interactive microcopy
Writing good error messages and contextual help copy.
Labels and instructions.
Calls to action and button copy.

Content strategy and curation
Navigation and information architecture.
Content ownership identification.
Governance, workflow and publishing process.
Content ROI (return on investment).
Content maintenance.
Content migration.
Future content strategy.

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