‘Task-based intranet content’ book: now published

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My practical, step by step guide is now available. Currently, it’s the only book on creating user-centred, task-based intranet content.

“This will become the go-to resource for intranet projects” – Robert Mills

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All options, eBook and print, are the same price of £15 as I believe it’s the content that’s important and valuable, rather than the format. However, for the print version there are additional shipping costs.

About the book

“Create content that makes it faster for people to find what they need on the intranet than from a colleague. Learn user-centred design as you progress through this practical, stage by stage guide. Generally, people want information about a specific thing, fast, when they visit an intranet. They need it in as little time as possible, so they can get to a meeting, or enjoy their lunch break.

This book outlines processes that put into practice these 3 essential principles for user-centred intranet content:

1. Content reflects a staff need for it.
2. Information is easy to find.
3. Style, tone and language is optimised for users with little time to read and absorb content.

Lizzie Bruce pours her experience of designing intranet content around staff needs for UK government into 100 pages of advice and techniques for creating usable, readable content.


  • list of universal intranet tasks
  • glossary of user-centred design terms
  • project “shopping list”
  • timeline planner
  • tips for stakeholder buy-in
  • links to case studies and blogs

Every organisation planning an intranet redesign needs this book.”

About the author

Lizzie Bruce is a content strategist and user-centred design training creator. Firmly committed to user-centred, accessible and inclusive design, since 2003 she’s applied her skills in multiple sectors: public to property, legal to leisure, art to eco, finance to fashion. Clients have included UK central and local government, RNIB, Great Western Railway, John Lewis and University of Cambridge.

Lizzie led Content Design London’s award-winning Readability Guidelines project, writing the guidelines, wiki and handbook content, and is a regular contributor to content publications. She’s spoken on content at conferences and meet-ups in Brighton, Budapest, Canberra, London, Melbourne, Sydney and Tokyo.

Thank you

Thanks very much for your interest in this book, and thank you in advance for buying it if you do. It’s for anyone involved in an intranet redesign project, particularly those new to user-centred design practices, but should also be useful to people who haven’t previously worked on a task-based intranet.

For all the user-centred design advocates, content strategist and clear language experts who have gone before me, and made my path smoother.

Thanks again for everyone’s encouragement during my writing of this new book.

It’s dedicated to all the user-centred design advocates, content strategists and clear language experts whose work in the field have paved its way.

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External further references are marked with a square bullet. Direct links are listed on this website: access list of further reference links.

Where to buy

You can buy in print or as an eBook:

I may create an audio version or put the book up on more platforms, and will update here if that happens. It won’t coming out on Amazon, due ethical concerns about their working practices.