Desktop stand writing for web tip cards

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20 best practice tips for writing for web. Recycled card on a sustainable bamboo desktop stand.

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Keep these super-handy content design reminders on your desk to use when creating or editing web content. Tips reflect best practice advice.

Tips include
1. Be concise
2. Use simple words
3. Avoid jargon
4. Use SEO keywords
5. Make link copy meaningful
Plus 15 more.
On a stand
Cards come with a bamboo desktop display stand. You can change the order of the tips, so that ones you find hardest to remember appear first.

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2 thoughts on “Desktop stand writing for web tip cards

  1. These are great cards. I have used them multiple times to improve my blog posts and product page content. I like to go through them one by one and focus on improvements from just that one card – it seems to be easier just thinking about one thing at a time. Would recommend.

  2. This set is a fantastic conversation starter and a great way to spark discussions amongst your content team. If your writers and editors are not so familiar with best practice for writing for a web audience, these cards introduce important concepts in a concise and easy to consume format. They make a great starting point for deeper exploration of the reasoning behind why we should follow these practices. Essential for any digital content team!

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