Writing for web tip cards with desktop stand x20 sets


20 best practice tips for writing for web. Recycled card on a sustainable bamboo desktop stand. Available for bulk buy, in multiples of x20 sets.

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Available for bulk orders only: buy multiples of 20, and share among all your teams who write content for the web. Ideal for introducing writing for web best practices into larger organisations.

Tips cards

Super-handy content design reminders to keep on desks for use when creating or editing web content. Tips reflect best practice advice, including:

1. Be concise.
2. Use simple words.
3. Avoid jargon.
4. Use SEO keywords.
5. Make link copy meaningful.

Bamboo stand

Cards come with a sustainable bamboo desktop display stand. You can change the order of the tips – put the ones you find hardest to remember on top.


We aim to fulfil and delivery your order within 1 month. This may vary depending on order amount and location.

Additional information

Weight 3 g
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 20 cm