Writing for web tip cards with desktop stand x10 sets


20 best practice tips for writing for web. Recycled card on a sustainable bamboo desktop stand. Available for bulk buy, in multiples of x10 sets.

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Available in multiples of 10, and share among all your teams who write content for the web. Ideal for introducing writing for web best practices into larger organisations. Can be made using your branding. To discuss and place an order, contact us on info@cakeconsultancy.com. We will need a .png logo and colour specifics (RGB and CMYK).

Tips cards

Super-handy content design reminders to keep on desks for use when creating or editing web content. Tips reflect best practice advice, including:

1. Be concise.
2. Use simple words.
3. Avoid jargon.
4. Use SEO keywords.
5. Make link copy meaningful.

Bamboo stand

Cards come with a sustainable bamboo desktop display stand. You can change the order of the tips – put the ones you find hardest to remember on top.


This product is only available in the UK due to the environmental impact of shipping. We aim to fulfil and deliver your order including any customisation within 4 to 6 weeks. This will depend on order size, location and our suppliers.

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