We design and edit digital content. And we advise you.

Come to us for clear, inclusive, content design based on user needs, including UX writing and microcopy – and well-structured information architecture. We also do content reviews, content strategy and development ideas, web content courses and offline learning products.

Why cake?

We often get asked about our name. Well, it started as an acronym of content and knowledgable editing! Our full name is Cake Consultancy Ltd, and we were founded in 2008. Since then we’ve learnt that acronyms are not very accessible, but the name has stuck. Plus, we like cakes. And suspect you might too.

We help organisations large and small to create great content. From interactive, multi-channel content to style guides. And from fashion copy to legal and financial user journeys.

We love working on digital projects, supporting your strategic objectives with user-focused content.

Lizzie Bruce

Our lead digital content specialist is Lizzie Bruce. She has 17 years’ digital content best practice experience on high profile projects, including consultancy for Content Design London. She led on the global Readability Guidelines project, which created a universal content style wiki based on usability evidence. She also creates content learning products.

Cake Consultancy Ltd is based in London. Our registered company number is 06584083.

Would you like to know anything else? Do contact us.