Cake Consultancy Ltd

We offer content reviews, which include WCAG 2.1 content accessibility feedback. We also advise on content design and development, and write articles and blog posts. If we can help please get in touch.

What’s new? 

Lizzie has just written a user-centred intranet content design book. This will be available later in the year as an eBook and by print on demand. It’s informed by a successful intranet transformation where we led on content. Very popular with users, and winning an award from the original organisation, our content was repurposed into an intranet demo site used by many others. 

Pandemic content

Clear content is always important, particularly during emergencies. Access our free coronavirus and COVID–19 clear language Google doc.

Writing for web tip cards on a keyring on a wooden desk. Text showing says: Writing for web #12 never use italics.