‘User-centred design for intranets’: an update on Lizzie’s new book

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First, thank you so much for your interest. The new intranet content design book by Lizzie Bruce is called ‘User-centred design for intranets: a practical guide for task-based content’. The book content is finished, and is with a couple of early readers at the moment. An exciting time.

We plan to first release it as a Pressbooks webbook. Access to webbook chapter content will initially be available through a Ko-fi.com donation. For an idea of what to expect, please preview the book content structure at: intranetcontent.pressbooks.com

It will take a little longer to set up the other formats. Here are some more details.

E-book, print

The book content should in future be available as an ebook on Apple, Kobo and Kindle. The print version will be print-on-demand, from Blurb or IngramSpark.


We had minimal interest in a PDF version, and will be offering the webbook or ebook format instead.


We’d also like to make the content available as an audiobook, ideally narrated by the author.

Thanks for your patience: this is the first time we’ve managed the publishing of a book.

Until the next update.

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