Early access to ‘User-centred design for intranets’ webbook by Ko-fi.com donation

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We’ve opened early access to ‘User-centred design for intranets: a practical guide for task-based content’ as a Pressbooks webbook.

You can get the all-chapter access passcode by making a ko-fi.com donation of £6, the price of a London coffee and croissant. This is to make the book content and advice available as soon as possible for whoever needs and wants it quickly. Scroll to find out how.

Ebook and print formats to follow soon

The eBook and print on demand formats will follow later in the year. We are still collecting feedback from selected early readers, so the content may change slightly in the final print set, published version.

How to get early access

Include your Twitter handle on your Ko-fi donation message, or after your donation send us a direct message on Twitter @cakecontent, as we’ll need to send you the webbook all-chapter access passcode privately. We aim to do this within 24 hours of your donation, and will check for new orders at around 6pm each day.

We’ll try to make it possible for everyone who donates on Ko-fi.com for the webbook preview to get a discount code for the eBook but can’t guarantee that will happen. So, if you don’t need it straightaway and want to hang on for the eBook please do, it should be out by the end of November.

View the chapter outline on the Pressbooks website.

Micro-reviews welcomed!

Feel free to tweet your reactions about our intranet content book if you take up the early access webbook offer. Please tag us, we’re @cakecontent.

Or if you fancy writing a longer review on your blog or Medium we would of course be very grateful, they will help spread word of this user-centred design intranet content resource more widely.

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