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My book ‘Task-based intranet content: a step by step guide to user-centred design’ gives multiple external references for your onward research. Since they can’t be linked to from a print copy, to make it easier for you than Googling them all, here’s a list of links chapter by chapter. Thanks to Lisa Riemers for the suggestion!

Chapter 1. Planning 

1.2 Timeline

Main stages of the project development

1.3 Case studies

GovIntranet demo site

Intranet Diary


Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR)

Citizens Advice


Devon County Council

Nielsen Norman Group yearly intranet design report

1.4 Reading and resources

Design, strategy and research books

Content design articles by Lizzie Bruce

Content guidelines

Specifically on intranets


GovIntranet WordPress theme
GDS design system

Chapter 2. Communications 


Chapter 3. Design 

3.2 Putting it into practice

3.3 Definitions of user-centred design

Interaction Design Foundation

United States government

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative

Chapter 4. Users 

4.1 Types of users, their contexts and environments

Your users

4.4 Problems give you user needs

Journey mapping

Chapter 5. Information flow 

5.3 Updating your database

Adding categories

5.4 Universal intranet topics

Topic tags

Chapter 6. What’s live?

6.2 Audit for user needs

Chapter 7. Scheduling

7.3 Pair-writing with stakeholders

7.5 Logistics


Chapter 8. Creating content

8.2 Images

8.4 Content patterns

8.5 Writing task and guide content



8.7 User test the content

Chapter 9. What’s missing? 

9.1 News and directory

9.6 Online learning

Chapter 10. Navigation

10.1 Example navigation

User testing

Chapter 11. Launch 


Chapter 12. After live 

12.4 Content calendar

Populate the calendar

About the book

“This will become the go-to resource for intranet projects” — Robert Mills

Create content that makes it faster for people to find what they need on the intranet than from a colleague. Learn user-centred design as you progress through this practical, stage by stage guide. Generally, people want information about a specific thing, fast, when they visit an intranet. They need it in as little time as possible, so they can get to a meeting, or enjoy their lunch break.

This book outlines processes that put into practice these 3 essential principles for user-centred intranet content:

1. Content reflects a staff need for it.
2. Information is easy to find.
3. Style, tone and language is optimised for users with little time to read and absorb content.

Lizzie Bruce pours her experience of designing intranet content around staff needs for UK government into 100 pages of advice and techniques for creating usable, readable content.


  • list of universal intranet tasks
  • glossary of user-centred design terms
  • project “shopping list”
  • timeline planner
  • tips for stakeholder buy-in
  • links to case studies and blogs

Every organisation planning an intranet redesign needs this book.