New book: ‘Home experience design’ – optimise your living space, with simple techniques

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“What do we do in this room? And is there a better way to do it?”

Optimise the space you live in. Learn user experience (UX) design techniques to apply at home, to improve the day-to-day experience of where you live.

Book cover of Home experience design. Text says: 'Optimise interior spaces for your everyday activities. An interactive manual with a systematic approach.'

This interactive manual equips you to be your own interior designer. You’ll systematically research room use, prioritise, and plan the design of your room layouts around what you really need to use the space for.

It’s for anyone who wants to make efficient use of space, and could be particularly useful for people moving into their own place for the first time.

For every room you’ll find:

  • universal task suggestions: over 100 in total
  • essential, and added comfort, requirements
  • space to add your own tasks and needs

Includes design advice for:

  • home offices
  • toddlers and pets
  • multifunctional solutions
  • sustainability
  • accessibility
  • task flows

Along the way you’ll gain an understanding of time and motion theory, learn to factor in task flows for optimal efficiency, and be supported to create your own floor plans and 3D models.

Lizzie combines a 20-year digital design career with interior spatial design training from Chelsea College of Art and the National Design Academy. Mariela has extensive experience of human-centred spatial design.