Working with us

Blog posts by others about projects where our lead consultant Lizzie Bruce was integral to the success of the content development.

We can all write, why do we need a content designer? πŸ”—
By: service designer Vicky Houghton-Price
On: service content design
At: British Red Cross
Who: Vicky Houghton-Price, Lizzie Bruce, stakeholders
When: 2020

Meeting the need of our users (and accessibility law) πŸ”—
By: digital delivery officer Matt Louis
On: accessible content auditing
At: New Forest District Council
Who: Lizzie Bruce, for Content Design London
When: 2020

Being a part of something big πŸ”—
By: content designer Karin Tang
On: inclusive, readable, accessible content
At: Content Design London
Who: Lizzie Bruce, Sarah Winters (was Richards), and collaborators
When: 2019

Alpha is for learning, Beta is for doing πŸ”—
By: content strategist Hinrich von Haaren
On: content sprints
At: The Law Society
Who: Hinrich von Haaren, Cass Bonner and Lizzie Bruce, for Content Design London
When: 2019

Designing the first service patterns for local government πŸ”—
By: ex-senior service designer Sūryanāga (was Sanjay) Poyzer
On: local government service patterns
At: Government Digital Service
Who: Sūryanāga (was Sanjay) Poyzer, Lizzie Bruce, and team
When: 2018

Intranets: DCMS doing it right πŸ”—
By: partner at Public Digital Tom Loosemore
On: intranet transformation
At: Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
Who: Luke Oatham, Lizzie Bruce, and team
When: 2013

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