Content sprints

Our content sprints give you 2 weeks of intensive external consultancy on a focus area from your content strategy. Choose from A to J below, or tell us another area of focus you have in mind:

A) Content best practice uplift of a discrete section of content, for use as a pilot or exemplar.

B) Content governance and publishing flow investigation, with effectiveness/efficiency uplift suggestions.

C) Content style and standards: revisiting your house style for best practice, based on WCAG 2.1 and readability guidance and suggesting a set of cross-organisational content standards.

D) Information architecture deep dive: identifying duplicate content, suggesting merge and deletion opportunities, suggesting more intuitive navigation structures including categorisation and taxonomy, including remote user research on navigation labelling.

E) De-siloing your content: grouping content by topic and user requirements rather than by team responsible for the factual information, product or service.

F) Metadata review: category tagging and SEO page descriptions.

G) Team coaching: on-the-job whole team instruction in content design techniques and inclusive, scannable, readable content, while your team and the Cake sprint lead co-develop content on a particular topic.

H) Creating a content maintenance plan: auditing current content and creating a calendered maintenance plan, as a spreadsheet or Trello board.

I) Future content development: researching and investigating opportunities for answering future user needs, and missed current ones, based on your organisation’s strategic plan and mission statement.

J) Image library organisation: auditing, categorising, tagging, deleting duplicates, low quality or not on-brand images, and adding meaningful titles and alt text descriptions.

You can add more 2-week blocks to cover multiple elements, in a pick and mix style to suit your needs. If helpful, we can support you to diagnose what to prioritise for your content sprint(s) by spending 0.5 days reviewing your content strategy.

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