Reviews and reports

Outsource content checks and reports with our external, expert support.

Usability and accessibility review

What is it?

Assessing a representative sample of your content against:


Find immediate content fixes. ✔
Apply learnings to other content. ✔
Get analytic evidence for a content design business case. ✔
Assess time needed for content development. ✔
Understand if staff need training. ✔
Inform your content strategy. ✔

Our approach

We review between 10 and 50 pages, highlighting themes for improvement focus. Write up includes:

  • usability, accessibility and readability recommendations
  • duplicate/inconsistent/low quality content flags

When to get one

An objective view is useful at any time. Dedicated external support may be particularly useful when you:

  • have taken over content management of a site
  • are creating a maintenance schedule
  • will launch new content

Second eye on a draft content item

What is it?

Content design good practice recommends asking another content designer to feed back on a last draft.

Doing this effectively in-house requires content design capacity and a mature, connected content team.

Our approach

We provide an external structure to:

  • do second eye reviews
  • boost your content crits

The outside perspective we bring is especially useful for jargon spotting.

End-to-end product or service content insights

What is it?

End-to-end research of customer interaction with your content across all online and offline channels for a product or service: from online path to purchase through to physical delivery.

Our approach

At all content touch points we:

  • log content-related customer pain points
  • assess brand and tone consistency
  • rate comprehension and inclusivity

When to get one

It’s worth getting external feedback on the end-to-end user experience of your content at any time. The start of a product or service transformation, or before a marketing campaign are great opportunities.

Future proofing

We include a framework for carrying out real customer user research on content.