Reviews and reports

Inclusive, user-centred content review

We review content against:

  • user needs and fulfillment criteria identified by your user research
  • user-centred design best practice
  • WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards
  • Readability Guidelines

Why get a review?

Use our review to:

1. Make immediate quick wins on a discrete area of content.
2. Ripple those learnings across your other content.
3. Show stakeholders how content changes improve the user experience of your products.
4. Assess how much time and focus your organisation needs to dedicate to content.
5. Determine if staff would benefit from content and user-centred design training.

What’s covered

We can review up to 100 pages. We highlight specific content issues as well as themes for improvement, and providing strategic advice.

Reports cover:

  • clear language recommendations
  • content accessibility improvements
  • potentially confusing content
  • content pattern suggestions
  • clearly out of date content
  • duplicated content
  • editorial style inconsistencies
  • typos, placeholder copy left in
  • broken external and internal links

When to get a content review

An outside look over your content is a good idea at any time. You may particularly want content quality assurance before launching a new website, service or digital product. Or for a site that’s historically had a publish and forget approach to content.

360º content report

We review customer interaction points across all channels on the user’s path to purchase, transaction and delivery for a product or service:

  • online content: web and social, e-newsletters, confirmation emails, e-receipts, account set up, password reminder emails, error messages, terms and conditions
  • postal: leaflets and brochures through the door
  • mobile: text notifications and alerts
  • product: labels, on-product copy, ingredients list, instructions

Why get a holistic report?

A full service content report will give you thorough insight into how customers experience your brand when they purchase from you, giving you a holistic impression of how content operates.

Our 360º investigation of your content is usually carried out remotely. On completion we share the full report with you and present top level findings to your team, answering any questions. We give advice on sustainable methods for discovering and meeting your customer’s content needs.

What’s covered

Reports include:

  • audit of all content touch points in your service
  • content-related customer pain points
  • how easy to understand, accessible, readable and inclusive the content is
  • how content fits with your brand and its tone, at each touch point
  • content change suggestions to improve end to end customer experience

When to get a 360º content report

Again, it’s worth getting external feedback on your content at any time, from customers or from a content professional.

But, if you’ve committed a large budget to develop a particular product or service, or if you’re planning a marketing campaign to increase uptake, those would be a particularly good opportunities for commissioning a 360º content report.

To discuss content reviews and 360º reports, please contact us.