Reviews and reports

Remote content review

Book us in for a remote review of your newly created or revised content items.

Content design should include a second content designer looking over a content item final draft and giving objective, constructive feedback, from an away-from-the-project perspective. This is called a 2i (second eye) review.

You may not be doing this yet, as you grow content designer capacity at your organisation. We can do the 2i remotely, with an outside perspective – especially useful for jargon checking! We can also join your content crits, bringing our content accessibility and readability expertise.

Readability, usability and accessibility review

We assess a sample of your content against:

Benefits from a content review

1. Make immediate usability and accessibility fixes on a discrete area of content.
2. Ripple learnings across other content.
3. Show stakeholders how content uplift improves visitor experience.
4. Assess how much extra time is needed for content.
5. Decide if staff would benefit from further training.
6. Inform your content strategy.

What’s covered

We can review up to 100 pages, highlighting specific content issues and themes for strategic improvement focus. Reports cover:

  • readability, accessibility and usability recommendations
  • duplication, style inconsistency, out of date and low quality content

When to get a review

An external view is useful at any time. But particularly: before launch, if you’ve taken over a site, or when creating a maintenance schedule.

Product content end-to-end report

We review customer interaction with your product or service content across all online and offline channels, from path to purchase through transaction to delivery.


Experience your brand as your customers do. This gives you a strong understanding of where content is working for and against you.

What’s covered

We audit content touch points in your service:

  • online: website content, error messages, social, e-newsletters, emails, e-receipts, onboarding, password reminder flow, terms and conditions
  • mobile: SMS, text notifications and alerts
  • product: labels, on-product copy, ingredients list, instructions
  • post: packaging, leaflets and brochures

We will supply you with a report and top level findings presentation. Our analysis is usually carried out remotely, and:

  • logs content-related customer pain points
  • assesses of how content matches your brand and tone of voice at each touch point
  • rates ease of understanding, accessibility, readability and inclusivity
  • gives suggestions to improve end to end customer experience
  • includes advice and a framework for carrying out future product content research

When to get a full product content report

It’s worth getting external feedback on your content at any time, from customers or a content professional. If you’ve committed a large budget to develop a particular product or service, you’re running a Discovery, or you’re planning a marketing campaign, those are particularly good opportunities.