360 service content review

We review customer interaction points across all channels, from leaflet through the door to text notification, terms and conditions to instructions to Twitter posts. Add a full service content report to your requirements for a thorough investigation of how content operates through your service.

Our report will include:

  • audit of all content touch points in your service
  • assessment of how they fit with your brand and its tone
  • suggestions for content uplift
  • comment on how accessible the content is
  • list of potential customer pain points for customers

When to get it

Any time is a good time to get a report on your service content from the viewpoint of a content professional who’s outside the project.

But if you’ve committed a large budget to develop a particular service, or if you’re planning a marketing campaign for it to increase uptake, those would be a particularly good times to get an external report.

Show and tell

Full service content reviews are usually carried out remotely. When we’ve completed our report we can present it to your team – and answer any questions.

We give wider team members advice on what to look out for to make sure the complete, end to end experience of your content is meeting user needs.

To discuss full service content reviews contact us.

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