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Certificate instructions

Certificates are automatically generated if you:

  • mark all of the units, including About this pathway at the beginning and Certificate instructions here at the end, complete at top of page – the course progress bar will show as 100% when you have marked all units completed
  • complete the end of pathway test
  • submit the test on the last question, there are 22 questions
  • score 70% or more in the test

When you meet the certificate requirements, a link to View certificate will pop up.

Finding your certificate

If you know you scored above 70% in the test and have checked all the units as complete, but the certificate does not show, or you ended your session before clicking through to it:

  1. Make sure you are logged in.
  2. Come back to any unit of this pathway course, and uncheck and recheck the completed box.
  3. Visit:

Printing your certificate

Choose A4 portrait. To print with the border showing, make sure ‘Background graphics’ is selected in your print settings options.