About this pathway

Welcome. This is a quick-start course, giving a comprehensive overview of user-centred design principles, practices and methodologies.

What we will cover

Module 1 gives an overview of what user-centred design is, Module 2 is a glossary of some of the main terms. The other 7 modules explore aspects of user-centred design in more detail.

How to complete the pathway

There are 9 modules with a total of 77 units, including About this pathway and Certificate instructions, and an end of course test. It should take about 2 to 3.5 hours to study all the content.

You can track your study progress by marking units complete at the top of the page and come back to the course at a later point. You study online and have unlimited access to this pathway.


Certificates are automatically generated, but you need to:

  • mark each of the units, including About this pathway and Certificate instructions, complete – the course progress bar will show as 100% when you have marked all units completed
  • complete the test
  • submit the test on the last question, there are 22 questions
  • score 70% or more in the test

When you meet the certificate requirements, a link to View certificate will pop up.