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Questions to ask yourself and your team

1. Am I designing for “me”? 

Am I or is my team making assumptions about any of the aspects listed in unit 1?

Would what I am creating work for, or be understood, in the way intended by a broad range of people?

2. Am I designing for “me in the past”?

Our experiences may be different from present day users’ – better, worse or just different in other ways.

3. Am I designing for “people I know”?

Anecdotal references are exactly that.

4. Am I designing for “my peers as I imagine them to be”? 

If you’re ‘writing about writing’ or creating a resource for other designers, ask – am I designing for my own subconscious idea of them?

Your projection of who this user is may not necessarily reflect you, but, unless it’s based on research, it is still cognitive bias!